Grow Your Business with the Help of Business Management Workshops in New Zealand


Business management workshops in NZ are of great help to those just starting on a new venture, yet they also benefit those who have been running their own company for a long period of time. Every business owner finds, at some point in time, they need outside advice if they wish to get the most from their staff and grow their business. Anyone who fails to recognise this will find they stagnate. For this reason, business coaches are now in high demand, and many choose to make use of business management programmes in NZ. Why is this the case?

Business management programmes provide a way to brainstorm with other professionals. Although there are online sites now dedicated to this purpose, the face-to-face interaction is of great benefit. With the help of these sessions, individuals find they are able to learn about the beliefs and values of others, often those they weren’t even aware of, and find a way to fit them in with their own unique interests and goals. These workshops provide a new perspective that may otherwise be overlooked.

Workshops of this type help entrepreneurs avoid the trial and error phase when attempting something new. A new business owner can draw on the experience and knowledge-base of others to avoid common mistakes seen when an individual starts a business. For those who have been in a particular industry for a period of time and now wish to branch out, the mistakes made by others can help reduce the learning curve they must go through. The sharing of information in these workshops becomes invaluable in these situations, thus it should not only be the new business owner who is making use of the business start up workshops in NZ, but also those with years of experience under their belt, as the workshops can truly help all.

Interacting with others makes a business owner accountable. This is true whether a person chooses to hire a business coach to work one on one with or when he or she takes part in workshops. The other party or parties then push the business owner to develop goals and come up with a strategy to achieve these goals. They offer suggestions on how to achieve them and provide input on what has worked for them and what hasn’t, as mentioned above. Connect with one or more people at these workshops and set up a time for weekly or biweekly updates. Each update then provides an opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another and, possibly, find a solution to a pressing problem.

Workshops help to challenge a person’s thinking and their goals. When something is working, a business owner may be unwilling to implement new technology or make other changes, as they fear doing so could lead to new issues. Others participating in the workshop, including the leader, can help them change the way they feel by providing input on why this would be good and helping the business owner develop new goals in alignment with the changes being made.

To make the most of the workshops, information must be shared freely. This is the only way to get accurate feedback from others. Although it may be embarrassing to admit how bad things have become, the information gained from others as a result of this exchange of information will be of great help in getting back on the right track.

Don’t focus simply on solving one challenge. Do so in a way that will benefit the business overall, as system driven solutions make it easier to grow the business and are more stable. An ad-hoc solution may be simpler, but it won’t benefit the company in the long run.

Don’t become defensive when working with others, even if they are critical of your efforts. They aren’t involved in the process to pull you down but are looking to help you grow. Be objective and keep emotions out of discussions. Excuses won’t be of any help in this situation, and ego shouldn’t be of importance. It’s human nature to want to look good in front of others, but now is not the time to do so. In fact, those leading these workshops have dealt with others in much worse circumstances, thus they won’t be surprised by anything they hear shared in these workshops.

Take what is learned from these workshops and implement it. If something doesn’t appear to be working, learn why this is the case and where changes need to be made. Reach out to others from the workshop to get some additional input into the problem and possible solutions. One of the major benefits of events of this type is the networking that is done during the workshop. For this reason, every business owner should take part in them regularly.

Business management workshops in NZ offered by The Ice House ( are great for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. Choose from a variety of business growth programmes or opt for workshops for business in NZ that focus on specific topics. Business growth programmes cover everything from market validation to effective leadership, and topic-specific workshops address issues such as preparing to raise capital and succession and transition. These are only two of the many ways this company can be of help to those looking to grow their business and get the most out of their staff. You are sure to find they can be of help to you also, so give them a call today or visit their website for more information.


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