5 Questions to Ask Before Looking for Business Mentors


As they say, it’s lonely at the top. Finding the right business coaching in Auckland is crucial to small business success, but many leaders find it hard to get the advice they need to make the right decisions for their companies. Mentors are those who become a voice a business owner can count on in times of success and difficulty. To find the ideal business mentors, company owners should ask themselves the questions below.

What I Don’t Know?

This is one of the most problematic areas for many small business owners and, in many cases, it’s hard to figure this out internally. Start by asking your past employees for an assessment or take a skills evaluation test to find areas for corporate improvement.

How Can I Effectively Collaborate?

Every leader learns differently. Some like to read about performing new skills, and others want to see those skills demonstrated. Business owners like you should find mentors whose teaching styles suit the way you learn, as compatibility is at the core of the collaboration effort.

What Qualifications Should I Look for in a Business Mentor?

Giving and receiving trust is more art than science, and you should learn when to freely give trust. Do you trust more freely when you receive a referral from someone you already trust? If you can’t trust your potential mentor, any advice that person provides will be marginalised or ignored.

Should I Find a Volunteer or Paid Mentor?

Some business owners believe they will get the most objective advice if they don’t pay the mentor because they believe anyone on the payroll will only tell them what they wish to hear. Others believe that a paid business coach in Auckland will offer the most reliable advice because they focus on the most pressing issues. However, there’s no definitive answer.

Am I a Good Listener?

One of the signs of a business leader is his or her ability to listen to colleagues and employees. This means more than just letting others “have their say”; it involves discovering how others’ opinions work with and influence crucial decisions.

Owning a small business can be exciting, but small business owners often encounter challenges they are ill-equipped to handle. By hiring business mentors, company owners like you can navigate the business world in a way that works. Visit The Ice House at www.theicehouse.co.nz to find out how to put a business mentorship to work for you.


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